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Douglasdale/GlenTimbit Soccer 2016 Information

Douglasdale/Glen Timbit Soccer is a recreational outdoor league of over 400 children run entirely by volunteers and sponsored by Tim Hortons and the Calgary Minor Soccer Association.

What age group do I register my child in?
The soccer program is a mixed league for the following age groups and the following is the schedule:

Program Birth Year Days Locations Cost
U4 2013/2014 Thursday Douglasdale/Glen $50.00
U6 2011/2012 Tuesday Douglasdale/Glen $50.00
U8 2009/2010 Monday and Wednesday Douglasdale/Glen $60.00
  • moving children between age groups is NOT allowed
  • If your child was born in 2008 or earlier, they must register for soccer with another soccer program (see for more information).

How are teams made?

Teams are structured by fair age and gender distribution or as closely as possible. For example, a U4 team of 10 children would have 5 girls and 5 boys with an equal gender distribution of children born in 2013 as well as 2014.

Can I request that my child be put on the same team as their best friend?

With the number of children enrolling in soccer each season (over 400!), special requests can not be accommodated, as this makes the creation of fair and equal teams very complicated and time-consuming. However, if a parent would like to volunteer with another parent as a coach/assistant coach, their children will automatically be assigned to the same team. Siblings that qualify for the same division will also be placed on the same team.

When will the season start?

The season will begin the last week of April 2017 (weather permitting) and end the week of June 19th, 2017.

What can I expect my child to learn over the season?
U4: The only expectation is that these children have fun since they are between 2 and 3 years old. This may be their first exposure to any structure and they may be apprehensive. They may learn: how to play independent of their parent, how to take turns on the field, and to kick the ball (hopefully towards the net!). We don’t expect your child to completely focus during a game.

U6: This may still be the first year of play for many children however slightly more structure and game rules may be introduced compared to U4. The children should be able to focus a little more than the U4’s however the main objective is to have fun.

U8: Same as U6 with a little more emphasis on how to play as a team – passing the ball, intercepting the ball, etc. The biggest emphasis is on having fun.

Please visit if you are interested in a more competitive league.

Do I need to provide my email address?

Our ONLY and favored mode of communication is email. Team Parents are volunteering their time and this makes their job more efficient. Please provide a home and/or work email address, but ensure it is one you check frequently as this is our main method of communication.

How will I find out where/when my child’s first game is?

Please check your email approximately one week before the season is scheduled to start as you will be contacted by your Team Parent stating when and where your first game is. You will receive a schedule for the entire season at the first game.

How long are the games?

All games are one hour starting at 6:30 pm. The format is a 15 minute warm-up/practice, 15 minutes of play, 2 min halftime and 15 minutes of play.  Coaches may decide to change this format slightly depending on the players and their abilities.  A cheer for the other team and snack time conclude the night.

How will I find out if a game is cancelled due to weather?
If a game is cancelled, it will be posted on the Douglasdale/Glen soccer website. Given the nature of weather in Calgary, this decision will not be made until just prior to game time so it is advised that parents check the website prior to heading off to the field.

Where are the games held?

We have three fields: one on Douglasdale Blvd by the public school, another on Douglasdale Blvd across from Swifty’s and one in Douglas Glen. Please note we are unable to accommodate field requests due to the number of children in our program.

Are there make-up games?

Fields are available Sunday mornings from 9am to noon. The coaches may coordinate among themselves to schedule any missed games and this is at their total discretion. Each team objective is to have 8 completed games by end of season (16 games for U8).

What equipment will my child require?

Children must provide their own shin pads, runners or cleats (not required) and shorts/pants. Each player will receive a t-shirt/jersey and socks at the first game which they will be able to keep in addition to their team/ individual picture and medal (which they will receive at the last game of the season).

Who brings the snacks?
The Team Parent will schedule each parent to bring the snack once during the season. The snacks should be small, free of any nuts and choking hazards. Ideal snacks are: oranges cut in 1/8, watermelon, cut strawberries, cut grapes, etc. Please do not include drinks.

When are team/individual pictures?

Team/Individual Pictures will be held on TBA. Details on location will be provided at a later date. It is important that you arrive at least 10 minutes early as we are unable to wait for you.