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Recreational Soccer

Coaches Orientation and Equipment Pickup time and place will be announced at a later date. The Coach from each team must attend, or must arrange for an assistant coach to attend in their place.
Coach’s Responsibilities

 Meet with your Assistant Coaches before the season to transfer knowledge obtained from the Coaching Clinics and Community Orientation. The Coaching Clinic is facilitated by the program Head Coaches and will give you all the information you need to Coach with our program this season. It is not mandatory for returning Coaches to attend this Coaching Clinic. Please delegate one of the Assistant Coaches to attend the Community Orientation if you cannot attend as one coach from each team must attend and pick up the equipment.

      Ensure that at least two of the Coaching Team (Coach and one Assistant Coach, or two Assistant Coaches) are at every game.
      A minimum of 8 games should be played during the season (14 in U8). If inclement weather causes game cancellations, make-up games should be scheduled on Sunday mornings at the Swifty’s field.
      Focus on introducing players to the game of soccer; skill development is secondary to having fun.
      Teach the meaning of good sportsmanship by setting a positive example.  If the children do not have fun, they will not return.
      Provide equal opportunity for players to play in all of the positions.  Players are guaranteed equal opportunity playing time regardless of ability. Work with the Coaches on your team and on the opposing team to match player lines’ abilities when possible.
      Work with parents and address concerns that may arise.  Report any unresolved problems to the division coordinator.
      Coaches are required to have a whistle at each game.  This makes it much easier to get the players’ attention as opposed to yelling.
      Ensure the team shirts are worn at each game.
      Ensure the children are wearing their shin pads.
      Rough play is not permitted at any time.
      In the event of an injury, ensure that the child is taken to a responsible parent or guardian on the sidelines.  In case an Alberta Health Care number is needed, you will have the numbers in your coach’s folder.
      Consult with your team list regarding medical conditions that you should be aware of (e.g. asthma).
      The equipment bags contents are to be maintained. There are limited funds to replace equipment so please do not let siblings play with the practice balls during the game.
      Game Cancellations will be decided by the League Organizers and the Head Coaches. Players will be notified by the Team Parents.



Game of 3 vs 3 players (U4 and U6) and 4 vs 4 (U8)

  • Substitutions – every 2-3 minutes a time-out is called and substitutions made
  • Sweeper-Keeper can use hands in goal area only
  • Rotate the sweeper-keeper position among all the players equally
  • NO assigned goalie

Sweeper Keeper

  • When the game is first introduced to the players, do not play with the sweeper-keeper for the first few weeks.
  • Then for a few more weeks, tell one player on each team that he/she can pick the ball up in the goal area with their hands.
  • The sweeper-keeper distributes the ball on the ground with either their hands or their feet.  It is not drop kicked toward the other team’s sweeper-keeper.
  • Nominate one player to be the sweeper-keeper on each rotation.  It is important to emphasize to the player that he/she is both a shot-stopper and a sweeper.  The player should drop into goal and become the shot-stopper when the other team is attacking.
  • The keeper is a sweeper-keeper and should provide rear support when the team is attacking.
  • Encourage the keeper not to just stay on the goal line between the goal posts.
  • When the sweeper keeper has the ball, the other players go wide and /or high up the field.
  • All players should have an opportunity to be the sweeper-keeper each game.


If you have any questions, please contact your Division Coordinator.

** Please review the Coaches Clinic Information page ALL important dates are listed regarding the clinics which are free of charge to attend**